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Born in Yokohama, TADAOMI SHIBUYA has a background in Product Design, gained from Tama Art University, Tokyo. Shibuya's striking paintings, drawings, graphics and animations have been used across many industries including clothing lines, product design, advertising, music videos, editorial illustration and interior design.

Citing influences such as Hip Hop culture, graffiti and classic Anime and Manga animations, featuring super robots, Shibuya has evolved a style with a distinctly urban, si-fi, mechanical, feel. Rendered with straight interwoven lines, that cascade across the surface, his subjects are transformed to resemble computer circuitry or components of a engine. From tigers to stag beetles, perfect symmetry is found Shibuya's many animal graphics and portraits. His purely abstract works explore the raw elements of his forms where the imagination attempts to navigate indecipherable mazes and non landscapes.

“My art has straight lines because the straight line is a uniquely human concept. I am trying to create a futuristic world that is outside of our atmosphere or universe”

Believing that the in the future humans will become increasingly artificial in order to sustain life, Shibuya's work conveys his vision of this merger as a harmonic and sustainable one. Realising the profound effect music has on the human expression, Shibuya tries to capture the emotion people feel when listening to different sounds and beats. His portraits, which feature many black cultural and musical icons, are a testament to this. Gazing out steadily from a sea of colour they exude a powerful presence. Shibuya's unforgettable works offer a bright, inspiring and truly unique vision of the world.


  • NIKE
  • GIVENCHY (Crest Design)
  • MacUser magazine
  • Fortune
  • Washington post
  • Popular Science
  • Hakushu
  • Rakuten Eagles
  • GEO Watches
  • New Scientist
  • GQ Magazine