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TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2018JR East Yamanote line team - Produce / organise / design coordination

production-006-01_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2018

production-006-02_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2018

production-006-03_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2018

production-006-04_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2018

production-006-05_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2018

production-006-06_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2018

production-006-07_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2018

production-006-08_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2018

production-006-09_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2018

production-006-10_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2018

production-006-11_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2018

Yuichi Tomohiro(TSUMUGIYA)
Mikiharu Yabe(Agent Hamyak Inc. )
Naoyuki Suzuki(Diagram Co., Ltd.)
Chika Gukawa(Diagram Co., Ltd.)
Junichi Takahashi(Photographer)
Kohji Arai(Photographer)
Hiroki Yajima(Photographer)
Dennis Chia(Interpreter coordinator)
Shiori Nakamura(Interpreter coordinator)
Mai Iida(Interpreter coordinator)

The second Tokyo Seeds Project was held over a nine-day period from October 17 to 25, 2018, with six designers invited to explore areas around the Yamanote line. We divided the teams into Ikebukuro, Nippori and Hamamatsuchō areas so that the designers could explore each area in greater detail, as an improvement from the previous year. Employees from each station accompanied the designers, providing them background information on the areas and introducing them to locals, making this a truly personalized, once-in-a-lifetime experience.
JR East Yamanote line team
Yuichih Tomohiro

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