Agent Hamyak Illustrator Agency Tokyo | エージェント・ハムヤック

Neighbours’ marketto BangkokHigashin - Produce / organise / design coordination

production-013-01_Neighbours' market Bangkok

production-013-02_Neighbours' market Bangkok

production-013-03_Neighbours' market Bangkok

production-013-04_Neighbours' market Bangkok

production-013-05_Neighbours' market Bangkok

production-013-06_Neighbours' market Bangkok

production-013-07_Neighbours' market Bangkok

Neighbor Māketto’s creators are originally based in East Tokyo, an area rich with Japanese tradition. Also known as Tokyo’s downtown, the East side is packed with culture and history, bred over 400 years ago during the Edo era. Amidst the landscape of Buddhist temples, Kabuki theaters, and Sumo sat a large community of brilliant craftsmen, making it the perfect home for our creators. Today, the area is bustling with both old and new world charms.
Takuya Hotta (Culture Generation Japan)

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