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TADAOMI SHIBUYAAnnei - Tadaomi Shibuya Exhibition Annei

Tadaomi Shibuya Exhibition Annei
ANNEI' Duration: until 19 November 2023. VenueAnicoremix Gallery Anei is a word that refers to stability in the world, meaning safety and peace of mind and body. However, conflicts still recur in many parts of the world and are caused by conflicts arising from intolerance of conflicting differences, such as ethnic groups and cultures. In this exhibition, various 'Annei' was expressed from different themes and approaches, such as mind/body, visible/visible, understanding/non-understanding, robot/human and seemingly contradictory things. The works in the linearly reconstructed paintings unique to Shibuya and Astro Boy, which has long been a symbol of the future, are on display. About Astro Boy, Osamu Tezuka says: "At that time, Japan was in a period of post-war confusion. Unlike today, all science was rosy, so I entrusted Astro Boy with my wish to somehow recover from the lowest life through the power of science". I wonder how Astro Boy would see the current era, and I hope that through these works drawn by Shibuya, you will have a chance to think about your own 'Annei'. Supported by Tezuka Productions.

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