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TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2017JR East Yamanote line team - Produce / organise / design coordination

production-003-01_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2017

production-003-02_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2017

production-003-03_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2017

production-003-04_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2017

production-003-05_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2017


production-003-07_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2017

production-003-08_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2017

production-003-09_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2017

production-003-10_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2017

production-003-11_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2017

production-003-12_TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT 2017

Yuichi Tomohiro(TSUMUGIYA)
Mikiharu Yabe(Agent Hamyak Inc. )
Naoyuki Suzuki(Diagram Co., Ltd.)
Chika Gukawa(Diagram Co., Ltd.)
Junichi Takahashi(Photographer)
Callum Hasegawa (Videographer)
Dennis Chia(Interpreter coordinator)
Ayaka Omiya(Interpreter coordinator )
Jing Lao(Interpreter coordinator)
Tatsuki Ishihara(Interpreter coordinator)

Based on the DOOR to ASIA concept, the TOKYO SEEDS PROJECT invited designers from around the world to take a deep dive into the areas around the Yamanote Line with JR employees. The designers then shared insights about those areas, and of Tokyo as a whole, and proposed new ways to promote them. This project is part of Tokyo Moving Round, an initiative that seeks to create urban spaces that are full of heart and individuality in the downtown areas serviced by JR's circular Yamanote Line.
JR East Yamanote line team
Yuichih Tomohiro

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